Price List

Buy a block of 6 lessons and get the 6th one half price

Our activities during half terms and school holidays are separately priced, but generally stay the same: 

  • Pony Days- £35 for a half day, £60 for a full day

  • Arena Hires/Clinics- £35 for private 30 mins

  • Beach Days- £120 (inc 2 hours riding)

  • Cross Country- £85 (inc 2 hours riding)

Buy a block of 11 lessons and get the 11th free

BHS Training Prices:

  • Stage 1+2: £40 per week

  • Changing Lives: £55/£59 per hour if private or £15 pp if more than 3

A little bit about what our lessons include...

Lead rein lesson: This is for beginner children and is perfect for anyone who hasn't ridden or hasn't done much riding. It includes steering, trotting, stopping; all the basics. There is a max of 5 kids

Pony days: Monring Half day includes 1 30 minute group lesson then 1.5 hours of activities including the horses

Afternoon half day: includes gymkanas (games) or a hack (a ride down hte road and back).

Full day: includes a combination of the 2 above.

Privates: This is centred around the person's individual capability so is adjusted based on the person's ability.

15 minute taster: This is mainly for 2/3 year olds who are too young for a group but want to get in to riding!

First ridden lesson: We have different levels of first ridden. It ranges from just being off the lead rein to being able to canter half a lap of the outdoor school.

30 min group includes getting comfortable with canter and an hour includes being more comfortable with canter and doing more without stirrups.

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