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Why We Procrastinate

We are rebelling out of resentment:

You might resent the imposition of responsibility. You might not enjoy office hours, so writing in this manner makes you want to procrastinate. In order to end this situation, it is very important that you give yourself a reward of some kind in exchange for finishing your task off as early as possible.

This will help you associate the completion of work with that feeling of receiving a reward instead of the imposition of responsibility and your productivity will shoot through the roof. It is important to trick yourself into thinking that the work you are doing is not actually work.

Instead of scolding yourself for not getting something done, reward yourself for when you finish your project.

We aren’t very motivated:

In order to complete a task when you need homework help online you need to have some sort of motivation to actually do it. If you don’t have any incentive to do it you are inevitably going to start procrastinating, and this is going to delay the project further. If it is a lengthy, time consuming project we may forget why we are putting in so much effort and give up before we have finished. I am guilty of this.

You need to think about your reasons for doing this project. This is your motivation. If you started a project, chances are you had very good motivation the first time around. You just need to rediscover this motivation and start working towards your goal once again.

We aren’t focused on the task:

You might be trying to do too many things at once. This is understandable, as there might be a great many projects that you want to get off the ground. I am guilty of this as well. Start too many tasks and never finish any of them.

However, if you focus on too many things at the same time you are going to end up devoting less time to work than you would have otherwise. Your mind would end up feeling stretched to breaking point, and if you don’t focus on one single project the inevitable end result will be that you won’t get anything done at all.

You need to realise what is happening and take one task at a time and complete it, then move on to the next task. Each task will get done better.

So, what do you think of my reasons why we procrastinate. I am positive this article will help you to control a few of them and help you become a better writer.

Do you have any other reasons to procrastinate? How do you overcome procrastination and finish a project? Tell me in the comments below. I am very interested in your ideas.

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