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Groups going forward are as follows and are subject to availability

Grade 1
Wednesday - 4pm with Christie

Wednesday - 4:30pm with Christie

Saturday -10am with Laura

Saturday -10.30am with Laura

Sunday - 11am with Becks

Sunday - 11:30am with Becks

Grade 2

Monday - 4pm  with Christie
Tuesday - 4:30pm with Nikki 
Thursday - 4pm with Laura  (ad hoc weeks)
Friday - 4.30pm with Nikki 

Saturday - 2.30pm with Laura

Sunday - 10am with Becks
Sunday -  2.30pm with Laura 

Grade 3
Wednesday - 5pm with Morgan

Wednesday - 5:30pm with Morgan

Saturday - 2pm with Laura

Sunday - 10:30am with Becks

Sunday - 2pm with Laura

Grade 4
Monday - 4:30pm with Morgan
Monday - 7pm with Christie

Saturday - 12pm with Laura

Saturday - 12:30pm with Laura

Sunday  -  9:30am with Becks

Sunday - 1pm with Laura

Sunday - 1:30pm with Laura

Grade 5
Wednesday - 4pm with Morgan

Saturday - 11am with Laura

Saturday - 2pm with Morgan

Sunday - 12pm with Becks

Sunday - 4pm with Christie

Grade 6
Sunday - 2pm with Becks

Grade 7
Thursday -7pm with Christie
Saturday - 1pm with Morgan 

Sunday - 3pm with Christie 

Adult groups
Tuesday - 7pm with Christie

Wednesday - 6pm with Morgan 

Sunday - 10am with Christie 

All of these groups are only subject to change if they do not get enough bookings or if we get an influx of people of a certain grade etc. please contact us with any questions

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